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    Polish doctor that refused to perform abortion named a “hero”

    Dr Bogdan Chazan was visited by an expecting mother (32 weeks into pregnancy), who already had 5 miscarriages before and was worried about her health. It turned out that the fetus had hydrocephalus, undeveloped brain and was missing many bones from its skull. The Doctor refused to perform an abortion and didn’t send the woman to another hospital which could do so (according to polish law, if a doctor doesn’t want to perform an abortion, he has to choose another hospital which will agree to do so). Chazan was named a “local hero” and “true warrior of Jesus in the name of life of the unborn” by many polish politicians and catholic activists. He used conscience clause as an excuse for his actions.

    The woman gave birth to the child through a C-section. She and her husband spent 10 painful days watching their deformed child die a horrible death. When she finally decided to speak out, she said:

    During these 10 days, no priest, no pro life activist or even dr Chazan came to see the child, to ask if they can help. It was really hard to look at our child. We knew what was coming, but it was still very hard to cope with

    Congratulations, pro-lifers - another “life” saved, another “happy” child and “happy” family. 


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    Native American Confronts Protesters on Illegal Immigration

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    Swear to god, some guys are terrified that girls are faking common interests to impress them and act really hostile towards anyone they even SUSPECT of doing such a thing

    but then they turn around and fake a whole friendship in the hopes of getting sex out of girls, and get mad at them when it doesn’t work

    and they super do not see the irony in that

    I think this is a fucked up way to behave no matter who you are. It hurts when you fall for someone and find out months/years later that they were not actually into you as much as they were just scared to be alone or something. Finding out you really have nothing in common with your closest person is the loneliest feeling in the world.

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    Bowden Spacelander prototype, 1946. (“Futuristic in style, it looked entirely unlike any bicycle on the road at the time, and even today it’s styling remains un-matched. Bowden’s bicycle was not produced until 1960, with many significant changes to his original design. Most notable was the use of fiberglass for the frame design.”)

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    Aw yeah

    My phone does all of these things. And it fits in my pocket

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    KwangHo Shin

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    Crazy. DOOM on an ATM. An exploration video. Posted by HackADay.-LT

    There aren’t too many details available about this hack, but we still thought it was interesting enough to share. YouTube user [Aussie50] seems to have figured out a way toinstall DOOM on an automated teller machine (ATM). Not only is the system running the software, it also appears that they are using the ATM’s built-in buttons to control the action in-game.

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    Moondust is a 1983 generative music video game created for the Commodore 64 by virtual reality pioneer, Jaron Lanier. Moondust was programmed in 6502 assembly in 1982, and is widely considered the first art video game - Wikipedia

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    remember when fox news put egypt next to iran 


    This is a perfect example of American education

    You’re not serious

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